Location Italy | Torino

"La dolce vita" - the sweet life. This is also the guiding principle for the onOffice location in Torino. Since the beginning of 2020, onOffice has also been very close to the Italian real estate market and has delighted its agents.

Between the Alps and the Po River, amidst the hills of Piedmont, lies the beautiful city of Torino. As the former capital, it is perfect for an international onOffice location. As the greenest city in Italy, Torino is not only an eye-catcher economically, but also visually. In terms of business, Torino impresses mainly with its automotive industry, information technology, electronics, film industry, banks and insurance companies.

Nevertheless, the city remains young, creative and open-minded: As an onOffice control center for the whole of Italy, Torino is therefore the non-plus-ultra. Many sights, great surroundings and a beautiful atmosphere make working in Italy a pleasure.

onOffice Italia Srl
Via Stradella 76
10147 Torino

Phone: +39 0117537070
E-mail: contatti@onoffice.com

Location Spain | Barcelona

Barcelona is a world-famous Mediterranean metropolis with an international flair. The high salaries compared to the rest of the country make Barcelona one of the most popular cities in Spain, which attracts ambitious young people from all over the world. The housing market is correspondingly competitive and the supply of real estate agents is large.

The mixture of proximity to the snow-capped peaks of the Pyrenees and France on the one hand and the direct location on the coast on the other makes Barcelona a city with an outstanding quality of life. The cultural and sports offerings of the former Olympic city are also impressive.

With 2500 hours of sunshine a year, living and working in Barcelona is a privilege: onOffice is happy to be there for its agents on the Spanish mainland and islands. The Mediterranean climate makes for good humour, great and cheerful conversations.

onOffice Software S.L.
World Trade Center Barcelona
Moll de Barcelona, S/N,
Edificio Sur – 2nd floor
08039 Barcelona

Phone: +34 93 607362 0
E-mail: contacto@onOffice.es

Location Croatia | Zagreb

Lively cities and sunny beaches: Croatia is known for its almost 2,000 kilometers of Adriatic coastline and beautiful coastal landscapes. Croatia is not only a vacation destination, but also an attractive place to work: Therefore, since June 2021, there is also a company headquarters of onOffice in Croatia.

The coastal strip of Dalmatia, known as Europe's "sunny balcony", is one of Croatia's popular destinations. From natural paradises to cultural monuments from Roman, early Christian and Venetian times, there is plenty to discover here. The picturesque coastal mountains invite you to take relaxing walks and breathe deeply. In Croatia's island world you can experience idyllic bays, sleepy fishing villages and dreamlike panoramas.

The real estate market in Croatia is not to be underestimated: From vacation apartments to houses directly by the sea, property seekers can find their happiness on Croatian soil. All the more we are happy to be at the disposal of real estate agents now with an optimal software thanks to our headquarters in Zagreb.

onOffice, informacijske tehnologije, d.o.o.
Savska cesta 32
10000 Zagreb

Phone: +49 (0)241 44 686-0
E-mail: info@onoffice.hr

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